My summer job at Cicda

Can a joke turn into a real summer job?

My summer job at Cicda started as a joke, when I had heard that my godfather was going to Berlin on a business trip, I jokingly asked if I could join. After a few weeks, the idea was thought about in more detail and I was given the opportunity to go to Cicda for summer work for two weeks, and to go to Berlin at the same time.

During the summer work, my job description included, for example, the tasks of an assistant, archiving accounting, taking photos, and learning how to use a system camera and editing photos. The tasks were nice and doing them officially didn't feel like work, but more like an experience. 

I liked working at Cicda because the work was nice and relaxed, but still work. I also gained new work experience at Cicda, which might help in the future.

I could go to work at Cicda again because the time passed quickly and the working atmosphere was nice. The tasks were not difficult, although some had more challenges.

Julia says thanks and wishes everyone a good rest of the summer!

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